Friday, September 30, 2011

Dinosaurs Amusement Carnival Games Stalls/Kiosks

Made in June 2011 Only Used Once in Kuala Lumpur Science Center.
Very educational full of fun facts on Dinosaurs learn as you play

8 Games Stalls each booth Size: 7ft Width x 10ft Length x 11 ft Height

Pteranodon Watch ( Guess which dino this Pteranodon is watching and spin the Wheel to match! )

Tricera Toss ( Triceratop's head is moving get 3 hoops into all it's horns for the Win! )

Crocodile Plinko Chance ( Get two balls into the green save zone you will be eaten! )

Velociraptor Hunting ( Get one suction bullet into the targets on the Velop's head for the Win! )

Brontosaurus Buckets ( Get all three green vegetables balls into the mouth for the Win! )

Saving Baby Stego ( Knock down all three clubs to save this baby Stegosaurus if you can! )

Tyrannosaurus Feeds ( Get all three meat balls into the T-rex mouth and watch her chew them down! )

Pachy Attack ( Get one suction bullet into each of the red target for the Win!

This is a modular Game Booth which can easily be assembled or dismantled at any event venue. Everything you see in these picture listing is as is. All structures, mechnical motor and lighting fixtures is included although you may need to replace some of the bulbs.
Ready packed in wooden crates and shipping will be by sea which will take 4-5 weeks to arrive. 12 nos. Life size Latex Dinosaurs head still in very good condition.
Please email me if you need more information. The price is negotiable.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Legend (1985)

"I require the solace of the shadows and the dark of the night.

Sunshine is my destroyer!" - The Lord of Darkness

Original Sponge Sculpture

Original Handmade Sculpt by 3dwizart. Not a recast.

Legend is a 1986 fantasy film released by Universal Pictures, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Tom Cruise, Mia Sara, and Tim Curry. Though not a very notable success when first released, it received a single Academy Award nomination for Best Makeup, and has since its initial release has developed a cult following.

Alien Queen / Xenomorph Queen (Aliens 1986)

Alien Queen Wall Art (2010)

Alien Queen Wall Art (2010)

Alien Queen Wall Art (2010)

Alien Queen Wall Art (2006)

Alien Queen Wall Art (2006)
Alien Queen Wall Art (2006)

Original Handmade Sculpt by 3dwizart. Not a recast.

The Alien Queen is female xenomorph capable of laying eggs which makes a debut in Aliens.

She is much bigger that the warrior xenomorph and has a distinctly fan-like exoskeleton covering her head.

She has two pairs of hands, one pair smaller and the other larger. She lays eggs one at a time but at a great speed through a large segmented ovipositor, or egg-laying organ, supported by an imposing organic platform which looks like insect legs. If necessity dictates it, she can detach herself from the ovipositor and the platform.

Aliens is a 1986 science fiction action film directed by James Cameron and starring Sigourney Weaver, Carrie Henn, Michael Biehn, Lance Henriksen, William Hope, and Bill Paxton. A sequel to the 1979 film Alien, Aliens follows Weaver's character Ellen Ripley as she returns to the planet where her crew encountered the hostile Alien creature, this time accompanied by a unit of Colonial Marines.

Joh Yowza (Star Wars)

Original Sponge Sculpture
Original Handmade Sculpt by 3dwizart. Not a recast.

Joh Yowza is the stage name of J'ywz'gnk Kchhllbrxcstk Et'nrmdndlcvtbrx, a short, furry Endorian creature known as a Yuzzum, as well as a lead singer in the Max Rebo Band. After he unknowingly stows away on a star freighter while searching for food, the captain keeps him aboard for cooking, cleaning, and other menial tasks. In return, Yowza is well-fed and taught Galactic Basic.

While watching Evar Orbus and His Galactic Jizz-wailers perform at a cafe, he sings along. Impressed with his voice, Orbus signs Yowza, who performs for food and shelter, while Sy gives him his new stage name. After Orbus's death, Yowza joins the band on Tatooine after a successful audition for Jabba. The group disbands after Jabba's death and Yowza travels to Mos Eisley, where he finds a job on a small passenger liner and performs with its house band in exchange for free food and transportation throughout the Outer Rim.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fode & Beed (Star Wars)

Original Sponge Sculpture

Original Handmade Sculpt by 3dwizart. Not a recast.

Fodesinbeed Annodue was a two-headed Troig able to commentate in two languages simultaneously: Fode (the thinner, red colored head) in Basic and Beed (the larger, green head) in Huttese.

The Troig commentated on most podraces, including the fateful Boonta Eve Classic while serving Jabba the Hutt. Fodesinbeed later performed at other events, notably on Malastare. They started a show called the Fode and Beed Show.

Sy Snootles - Max Rebo Band (Star Wars)

Original Sponge Sculpture

Original Handmade Sculpt by 3dwizart. Not a recast.

Sy Snootles is a robust female Pa'lowick who is the lead vocalist and original member of the band. She is angered at Max's acceptance of Jabba's contract, and after attempts to rework the deal prove futile, Sy resorts to secretly spying for over a dozen of Jabba's enemies to earn credits, but then works as a double agent by giving them false information provided by Bib Fortuna. She was also not above getting her hands dirty when she killed Ziro the Hutt to obtain for Jabba a book containing dirt on the other Hutt leaders. She teams up with Max as the Max Rebo Duo following Jabba's death and Droopy's departure from the band.

Following a brief gig for Lady Valarian, Sy dissolves her relationship with Max and begins her solo career, but her subsequent recordings sell poorly and she is relegated to touring Outer Rim dives under different stage names. Also in later life Snootles became a spice addict, whilst trying to reach the fame she craved but never achieved.

Chewbacca (Star Wars)

Original Sponge Sculpture

Original Handmade Sculpt by 3dwizart. Not a recast.

Chewbacca's creation as a "gentle, hairy, non-English-speaking co-pilot" was inspired by George Lucas seeing his own Alaskan Malamute sitting up on the passenger seat of Lucas' car. The Malamute, named Indiana, also inspired the name of the lead character in another one of Lucas' film franchises - Indiana Jones. It is said that Chewbacca's name is derived from собака (sobaka), the Russian and Ukrainian word for dog. Another possible model for Chewbacca may have been Theodor Jo-Jo, the so-called dog-faced boy or human Skye terrier, featured in P.T. Barnum's circus side-show of freakish human anomalies in the 1890s.

Chewbacca, a Wookiee, became Han Solo's first mate and companion after Solo, then an Imperial Captain, refused an order to kill him while Chewbacca was a slave of the Empire. Solo was dismissed from the Imperial Navy for disobedience and became a smuggler. Chewbacca owed a life debt to Han and would serve Han Solo for the rest of his life.